The OMindful Method

What is The OMindful Method?

The OMindful Method Protocol enables healthcare providers to lead a guided mindfulness meditation and movement practice for older adults; specifically in senior housing communities including assisted living, skilled nursing, and long term care facilities.

The OMindful Method Has Two Parts:

The Omindful Method | The Science Behind the Practice:

The first module includes a comprehensive summary of the evidence and science supporting the positive health benefits of mindful meditation.

The Omindful Method in Practice:

The second module includes 10 mindful meditation sessions specifically tailored to older adults.

Once group leaders complete the first session they have two options for leading the meditation sessions:

  • 1. Play the audio guided mindful meditation sessions in order to lead the meditation
  • 2. Study the slides and accompanying teachers guide to lead the guided sessions in person.

There are also visual reference sheets that can further support the session leader and offer additional support for participants in the practice. Using extensive knowledge of the aging process, needs of older adults and their desire for lifelong learning and growth, The OMindful Method was developed with the goal of making mindfulness practice easily accessible.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally. -Jon Kabat Zinn

Basically, knowing what you are doing while you are doing it.

It sounds simple, but it isn’t always easy.

We say “practice” when referring to Mindfulness because it is a process of continuous contact with our experience. It requires awareness of when we are pulled out of the “now” and into our thoughts of the past or future, and bringing oneself back to the “practice”, time and time again.

“I see mindfulness as a love affair with life; with reality and imagination.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Why Does This Matter?

Because how we pay attention to the present moment largely determines how we experience the world and our quality of our life. We cannot control all of the things that happen in our life. What we can control is how we react to them. Mindfulness can radically change our response to experiences that are out of our control.

Because if we are not present in the now, we miss all the moments.

When your mind is split between thoughts of yesterday and worries of tomorrow, there is very little attention on what is actually happening, which is really the only thing that matters. It is the only true reality.

The OMindful Method is a series of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Movement sessions to benefit adults within their home or residential community. There is compelling evidence that the individual practice of mindfulness, meditation, and movement can measurably benefit aging adults. We have brought these three elements together in a comprehensive program specifically tailored for older adults to maximize independence, health, wellness, and quality of life.

What we are doing here, is sharpening the only tool you really have- your mind. Your mind is what you take with you in any situation in life. It is what determines how you respond in emotional stress, physical pain, and any other difficulty you encounter.

Your mind is the basis for every decision you make, every interaction you have. And the good news is… the mind is trainable.

Who Uses The OMindful Method Protocol?

The target audience for these trainings is any healthcare practitioner, administrator, therapist, nurse, nursing assistant, activities staff, or family member willing to provide guidance through a life enhancement program for golden age adults.

The OMindful Method Training is available by clicking HERE.

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