Oria Mindful Method

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Oria Mindful

O- Oria is the Greek word for Golden.
Golden Age is the period when a specified art, skill, or activity is at its peak.
Oria Mindful is focused on enhancing the peak potential
of adults over 60 as they enter the aging dimension.

Do you want to bring more peace, happiness and satisfaction to older adults?

What if there were a simple practice that could be added to the weekly calendar in your community that was scientifically shown to reduce loneliness, soothe pain, decrease anxiety and depression and improve overall life satisfaction?

Oria Mindful was created with the idea that older adults should be able to benefit from the positive benefits of mindfulness practice. The biggest barrier to participating in a mindfulness program was finding a high-quality program that specifically targets the concerns of older adults in an accessible format. In order to fill that void, The Omindful Method was created. The OMindful Method is a comprehensive, evidence-based program that trains recreational therapists, activity professionals, resident-life coordinators and other staff to deliver an effective and engaging mindfulness program to the seniors within their community.

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Oria Mindful designed programs are specifically tailored to support health and wellness through the golden years of life.

Research in mindfulness has demonstrated many measurable benefits including: reduced brain degeneration, decreased risk of dementia, reduced chronic pain and disease, and an overall improvement in one’s quality of life. Oria Mindful uses the concepts of mind-body connection, meditation, and breath-based movement to enhance quality of life, reduce depression, loneliness, and health-related decline in the growing population of older adults.

For specific compelling research studies and benefits and value of this program, click on the following link:

Benefits of Oria Mindful

To incorporate the Oria Mindful program into your residential community, home or senior center, click on the following link:

The OMindful Method

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